Why are People Gay... answer REVEALED!

●   If God is good, why would he let good people die young?
●   Why are some people lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender?
●   Why are my two kids so different?
●   Why do some people have split personalities?
●   Why are some people skinny, fat, good looking and ugly?
●   Why are some people more vulnerable to addiction?
●   Why do some people have extreme anxiety?
●   Why are some people deadly afraid of things for no reason?
●   Why you are instantly attracted to some yet instantly un-attracted to others?

​Read this small passage from the book as Peter talks to Mohammed...begin to understand...

       Struggling with your sexuality?  Tired of being judged?  Looking for validation?   Want others to better understand you?

why are people gay?

​​Finally!  The question is answered with a theory that even scientists can't argue with!

There is NO GENE that makes people gay!

Ignorance in people can only be solved through education and understanding. You must first understand WHY you are gay. Once you do, share this book with others. As more and more people understand why people are gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (LGBT), they will begin to accept everyone for who they are. 

​Until then, millions of people in the LGBT community will continue to suffer unnecessarily. 
Discrimination, ViolenceTransgender rights, Health care, Immigration and Criminal Justice Reform

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​                                                                                                    J.R. Wexler

Isn't time to look at the world with open eyes? Free yourself from societies judgements. While politicians might gain by controlling your thoughts and segregating people into groups, it is NOT in your best interests. Strength comes from understanding. Allow the Book of 7 to help you answer many questions that might be troubling you, someone from your family, friends or others...

Why are scientists still trying to look for it? So they can then find a cure? Or perhaps, to continue inferring it is a disease?  The fact is homosexuality has existed in societies worldwide for as long as we can go back in time. In fact,  mesolithic rock art in Sicily ( about 9600 BC) depicts phallic male figures in pairs with depictions of male homosexual intercourse. Why is it that people currently feel the need to determine how or why someone could be attracted to someone with the same genitalia? Who cares? The fact is we are different...we are meant to be different. 

That is NOT something that people should criticize, it is what makes humans unique...it is what allows us the ability to grow, to learn and to evolve. Why are people gay? The Book of 7 not only reveals the answer, but how it is a natural part of a soul's progression. 

​“Let’s say a new soul begins in the body of a man, and then spends seven or eight life cycles as a man before entering the body of a woman. That’s roughly six or seven hundred years of acting like a man, dressing like a man, feeling like a man, and of course having the desires of a man...Wouldn’t it, then, be logical to assume that after spending all that time as a man, they might bring forward some male behavior patterns and desires into their life as a woman? And vice versa? 

You see,” Peter continued, “whether the soul begins in a male body or a female body doesn’t really matter. After seven or eight cycles in either one, they will bring those experiences into their new life as the opposite gender. This not only explains gay, lesbian, and bisexual desires, but also helps explain transgender people’s struggles. But it’s a difficult road, due to society’s lack of understanding. Though that in itself is a great opportunity for learning and soul development.”

  • Why are some people lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender?
  • Why are some kids born with extraordinary abilities?
  • Why are some people deadly afraid of things for no apparent reason?
  • Why are we instantly attracted to some people and not to others?

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